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In the midst of numerous showroom products around, good products and good sellers alone are not enough to attract customers. An effective showroom interior design is crucial to showcasing your good products properly to buyers. Decorate the showroom properly and attractively to prepare the customer walking past to enter your showroom.

An interior-designed showroom can bring customers to the showroom as well as create interest in the items displayed in the showroom which may even be really necessary for them. In that case, both the buyer and the seller will benefit. So don’t stick to the old, redecorate your showroom and take the business to the top of success.

And if you want to set up a new showroom then let us know your position, budget, and plan. Our innovative and well-planned showroom will ease your path to success by combining your ideas with our foresight.

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Modern Showroom Design in Dhaka

Showroom location, amount of space, budget, and content are important in showroom design. Nowadays most customers are interested in more displays in less space in less time.

If the customer gets all the products he likes together in less time and with less effort, he will want to come back again. So in these cases, interior designing has to be done with a little ingenuity.

In addition to the exhibition, special attention should be paid to ensure that the buyer can get all the facilities like a trial facility, easy purchase facility, and easy carry facility. In that case, showrooms are designed by highlighting the following topics at present.

Modern Showroom Design in Dhaka

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Showroom Display Style

Whenever a customer visits a store, he/she wants to see the item in its entirety as well as in a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, it must be so that the customer can see it clearly and the other customers cannot distract her while she observes. Keep distance between two showcases.

Customers don’t like stuffiness. In this case, an ‘open’ concept modern showroom interior design, is a great solution. A showroom with an open concept looks bigger and is easier to navigate.

Make use of unique display styles, such as tiers or layered hangings, to maximize space in an open concept. Upper and lower portions can be used as storage spaces. Materials for shows should be placed in the middle portion. It is important for the showroom to be welcoming and open to the customer.

Showroom Mirror Setup

Fashion, shoes, cosmetics, and relevant showroom interior design rely on this part of the design. Product suites are more appealing when people can see how they look on themselves. This is the right place for us to apply our tricks and show them how it works. It is necessary to arrange some mirrors in order to accomplish this. Reflect the showroom environment accurately by placing the mirrors at the appropriate angles.

showroom mirror and lighting

Light set

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of showroom decor. When choosing something, customers need to review everything clearly and from all angles.

Make sure that the bright hues are balanced with the lighter ones. It’s not a good idea to arrange your showroom with an extremely low or extremely high light show to put pressure on customers. Design a jeweler’s showroom, a clothing showroom, and others with unique patterns that reflect light.

If you want to highlight a product, you can create a limelight for it. You will be able to draw the customer’s attention to the important things.

Showroom Walkway

It’s important to consider a customer’s path through your shop. The main choice to be made in this situation is where to put the displays and merchandise. While making sure that every item on display is clearly visible to clients, there should be adequate room for them to move around the store.

Therefore, it’s crucial to concentrate on showroom layouts at the design stage.

The layouts serve two functions. First, they assist you to control showroom traffic by making sure it never becomes crowded. Second, they will increase the amount of product exposure, which will eventually result in more sales.

Showroom Articulations

Decorations are a fantastic technique to get attention right away. By utilizing a distinctive display, lighting, piece of art, or fabric on one side of the showroom, you can add an accent to a wall.

Showroom Branding

The brand logo is the most important part of the showroom decoration. Keep concerned that it is well-illuminated and easily visible to the customer. Design the showroom logo based on the elements of the showroom which can help the customer find the showroom and remember it.


Declare what is new, where to find it, and which row is for what on a path. To make it easier for customers to discover their destination, each component has been split. Another crucial component of the interior design of a showroom is any significant promotions. Every promotion that a consumer may take advantage of needs to be emphasized.

Showroom highlight elements and front side design

Showroom Front Design

Exterior design is a unique way to draw customers. A showroom front should be designed such that a customer may quickly locate the store that best suits his needs. To draw attention, lighting, color scheme, and logo design are crucial. Our business specializes in executing this component with accuracy and care.

Design of a Showroom Ceiling

A business space’s design may also be challenging. Home spaces can be intimate and personalized, whereas commercial interior design calls for restraint. The environment can be made more inviting by a nicely decorated, well-lit shop ceiling.

Here is a compilation of showroom ceiling designs that will make your shop look welcoming.

  • Geometric ceiling decoration
  • LED-lighting ceiling designs
  • Flowery ceiling decorations
  • A ceiling layout with hidden storage
  • Ceiling light fixture designs
  • Ceiling style with simple decoration
  • An abstract lighting scheme for the ceiling
showroom Ceiling Design

The Concept for a Showroom Counter

Your retail establishment’s checkout area, where consumers can pay, is one of the most important components. Not only this, but a clever design for a retail checkout counter can increase revenue, increase visibility, and wow customers even more.

So, when designing the checkout counter, we need to be especially careful. For the showroom counter design of our former clients, we

  • mostly adhere to certain themes.
  • Prioritize consumer health and safety,
  • Enable digital product browsing for customers,
  • Appeal to their senses of smell and taste
  • Promote impulsive buying.
  • Install a superb lighting system.
  • A TV screen in the background
  • Online shares
  • Add a quotation.
  • Have a seasonal item.
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • Utilize the data

Ready To Design Your Dream Showroom?

Interior designers tend to utilize more materials that are readily available, and powerful but not bulky, long-lasting, and robust. Items made of rusted iron, those that are heavy, or those that are susceptible to water damage are typically not used.

Durable, bright, and reasonably priced materials that are frequently utilized in interior design have long been prioritized. The materials below are the ones we used most frequently for our prior clients’ showroom interior designs. For client pleasure, we, Geometric Architect & interiors design services also use the latest and highly regarded materials.

Materials We Used for Showroom Interior Design in Dhaka

Common Materials for A showroom interior design are the following_

  • Metal (support structure)
  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, water-resistant, self, wardrobes, cots, TV units, decorative pieces of furniture)
  • PLY (Strong, durable and lightweight, not ideal for wet areas)
  • HDF (Mirror pull-outs, TV units, more water resistant than MDF)
  • Particle Boards (A wall partitions, false ceilings, shelves)
  • Veneer (Selves, dressers, TV Units)
  • Lacquer Glass (For decadent look and feel, expensive)
  • Mirror (Used on walls, selves sides TV Panels trail room)
  • Opaque Or Colored Glass (For decadent look and feel, expensive) Granite
  • Natural coloration
  • Wood
  • Copper
  • Fabrics
  • Renewable materials
  • Tile
  • Synthetic materials
Materials we used for showroom Interior Design

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We understand how much showroom interior design can impact your success. So we always try to give our best for your maximum achievement.

A minor but important showroom interior design advice you should be aware of includes the following: modern art is a revitalizing element in showroom design; less is more – keep it uncluttered but occupied at the same time; focus on the end-customers behavior and psychology at all times, and come up with a design that best simulates what your products stand for!
We hope these showroom interior design tips are helpful. Get in contact with us if you’re seeking qualified showroom interior designers.

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