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Every company has different work directions and motives. At present office interior design & renovation play a vital role to both employees and customers.
Employees try to get your company’s expectations by spending most of their time in an office. For them, it is essential to create a workplace that is conducive to productivity and efficiency, as well as visually appealing, centered on corporate culture, comfortable, and inviting.

We take all the necessary steps to facilitate the work of your employees so that the employees can handle all the jobs smoothly and smartly. Our skilled manpower already deserves their credit in this regard.

We the Geometric Architect & Interiors are a rapidly expanding office interior design firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh with experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare, restaurants, art galleries, and modern office interior design projects. Contact us if you want something unique and specific in your office interior decoration by balancing your budget and need.

The following Areas Should be Considered When Design Your Workplace

Modern office interior design remains incomplete if office interior design does not show expertise in almost every aspect from the entryway to the office’s own kitchen. A properly designed office helps in satisfying the service receivers and service providers as well as maintaining a pleasant office environment which makes the service receivers willing to take the service again. On the other hand, the service person also completes his work with satisfaction and makes the organization a profitable and harmonious place.

MD Room/ CEO Room

A CEO needs to look after all aspects of an office equally as well as interact with all levels of officials, employees, and customers. Proper office room interior design of every part of his office room is very important to keep proper supervision of all the activities of the day.

It is also important to have an environment for discussion with important people, including office files, phones, and personal belongings in the right place. Special attention should be paid to the decoration to eliminate the fatigue of working for a long time.

MD Room CEO Room

Creative Office Workstation Design

Depending on your demands, you can choose workstation models for your office interior design in Dhaka from the following:

Open Plan Workstations

We provide an unrivaled selection of open-plan workstation accessories, tables, seats, storage, and systems items, all of which have a reputation for quality and sustainability.

These goods support shifting social demographics, developing technological capabilities, and an ongoing move toward distributed work that mixes individual attention with group collaboration.

Open Plan Workstations

Focused Planning

Keeps people connected to their coworkers so they may focus on their work without being cut off from their colleagues.

Focused Planning also keeps privacy by dividing a variety of work surfaces, panels, demure screens, and strategically placed storage.

Joint Planning

Work can be done often by two or three people in this kind of arrangement. Adjacent desktops and an extension top for frequent visitors can also make shared work easier.

Group Planning

Combines core workstations with collaborative areas for bigger groups to maintain ongoing communication. Additionally, you are free to create your own idea or want and offer us the opportunity to bring about it.

Office Reception area Design in Dhaka

In commercial office design, act professionally. When entering a reception area, everyone anticipates easiness, cleanliness, and a feeling of organization.

Consequently, you should take the following factors into account while designing a sophisticated greeting room.

  • Easy arrangement
  • Relaxed seating
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Proper color arrangement & branding
  • Reception Desk arrangement
  • Interconnection arrangement
  • Minimize Visible Clutter
  • Modern Memories and many more
Reception Area design in Dhaka
Conference Room design

Conference Room

When attempting to fulfill goals, a conference room’s layout and equipment selection can greatly influence results.

Apply the following tips to infuse new inspiration and life into your meetings. You can choose_

  • Small Meeting Room
  • Large Meeting Room
  • Boardroom

Give your meetings fresh inspiration and vitality by applying the tricks below_

  • Pointed Exit and entry area
  • Set the table properly
  • Hang pictures
  • Select proper color
  • Proper layout
  • Plants arrangement
  • Proper furniture arrangement
  • Logo and office Moto design

Office Relaxing Area Design

Numerous studies have found that keeping current employees is much more economical than finding and hiring new ones. The more you can do to increase employee happiness at work, the more likely it is that productivity will increase as a result of fewer job searches by contented workers.
But how can you set up a rest area at work?
We have some plans for it as well. like_

  • A comfortable chair
  • Plenty of plants
  • Peace and quiet
Relaxing area

Office Kitchen Design in Dhaka

The area where coworkers make hot drinks like coffee or tea is known as an office kitchen. Most tea kitchens also have a stove or microwave, allowing you to reheat the food brought with you. Here are a few kitchen floor plans.

  • The One-Wall Kitchen
  • The Galley Kitchen
  • The L-Shaped Kitchen
  • The U-Shaped Kitchen
  • The Island Kitchen
  • The Peninsula Kitchen

Office Bathroom Interior Design

The layout of your office restrooms should be spacious enough to meet everyone’s demands. A restroom should be designed to be secure, hygienic, and practical.

Office building restroom regulations have been established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The main points are:

  • Toilet facilities must be present at every worksite (mobile worksites require transportation to such facilities)
  • Workplaces with more than 15 employees are required to provide gender-segregated facilities, and there are quantity-based requirements dependent on workforce size (for example, 16–35 people require two toilets).
  • Each bathroom must have a door and the necessary privacy dividers in its own chamber.
  • Hand-washing facilities that are hygienic and clean.
office bathroom

Don’t skip on the restroom area, for instance, if every inch of your office is polished and opulent. Keep in mind that other people will use the facility in addition to your staff. These facilities might also need to be seen by any partners or clients who come to your office. It’s crucial to make sure that they blend in with the rest of your design and decor as a result.

Modern Office Interior Design in Dhaka

While you work a whole day in an office you need to decorate that clumsy office with well-planned, expert Interior design to bring freshness and happiness to your mind. Let’s get some ideas about modern office space decoration.

Create a Communicating Conference Room

Add interactive media to your conference room, such as a whiteboard, projector, glass pane, etc.
A projector is required to display the presentation film and project work. Install CCTV to keep everyone safe from unforeseen events.

Glass Door and Wall

All contemporary workplaces within your budget have recently started to feature glass walls and doors. The CEO or manager’s area is specifically designed with a glass wall to let him or her keep an eye on everything inside the office. Use vibrant curtains to maintain your privacy, which will ultimately improve the aesthetics.

Addition Attractive Lights

To make your business feel welcoming, add some eye-catching lighting to the waiting area, common area, or study area.

Flexible Workspaces

You can arrange flexible workspaces where chairs, desks, or other accessories can easily move from one place to another. In Dhaka city, this type of office arrangement can save you money when you need to move your office to other places or want to reorganize the sitting positions of the employees.

Hide All the Cables

Cables are looks horrible in the office room when scattered but we need to use a huge amount of them for office uses. Try to hide all types of cables in a way so that these are out of sight to the people walking in the office.

Keep Your Desk Tidy and Clean

It looks very bad when the materials on your office desk are not kept in an ordered way. It is important to arrange the accessories in a tidy and systematic manner.Keep an extra basket or self near your desk to keep it clean.

MD Room design in office

Sculptures on the Wall

Customize your artwork by adding your company logo and motto that will draw the viewers’ attention. Arrange some special lighting on the artwork to make it more attractive.

Floor Carpets

Different colorful floor carpets can draw the attention of the visitors or employees in the reception area and can create more impact and visibility for your brand and company goals.

Plants and Flowers

If your office room gets enough sunlight, collect some natural flower plants to decorate your office. It can reduce heat and make a peaceful environment by producing extra oxygen. A workspace surrounded by nature can boost workers’ creativity and efficiency.

Why Geometric Architect & Interiors designer is your right choice for your office

Looking for the Experts on the way to Decorate Your Office?
Our “Geometric Architect & Interiors“, is available at your service,” with its talented and experienced designers. Reviewing our procedures will give you an understanding of how effectively and smoothly we execute.


  • Listen to our client’s wishes and try our best to fulfill that.
  • provide 3d office interior design for better understanding
  • We provide interior design completely hassle-free.
  • We concentrate on quality at an affordable cost and sustain for a long time.
  • We have highly skilled and talented interior designers for homes and offices.
  • We provided the best and most modern design interior for homes or offices.
  • We implement our utmost care about office culture.
  • We care about environmental sustainability and make use of cutting-edge technologies.
  • We promised to complete the project by the deadline

Only a professional interior designer can provide you with the ideal solution for your particular office after reviewing all the decoration thoughts and ideas. As different ideas work in different situations and choices.

We the Geometric Architect & Interiors design is one of the major corporate office interior design service providers in Bangladesh which can ensure the highest quality of work. When it comes to creating the ideal office space interior design, we are aware of our client’s demands and guide them according to their hearts.

Whenever you need us, you can visit our Geometric Architect & Interiors design Service pages and consult with our interior designers to get service.

Our office interior solutions cover every need you can think of for your office.

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