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As times have changed, tastes and decor have changed as well. Are you interested to best Residential interior design in Bangladesh ? Looking to furnish a new home or apartment with the latest amenities without breaking the bank? Why wait any longer, our team of creative, skilled, and experienced young residential interior designers are ready to provide you with the house of your choice within your budget with modern design and the latest technology.

A home is a place of peace, a piece of dream; not a factory. It is impossible to make the house peaceful and good-looking by adding all kinds of modern facilities. Instead, it requires proper knowledge and a touch of skill .We  have been doing home decoration work with praise. No false hope, but we’ll let you observe our work, review the work management, and make a decision based on those observations. Stay tuned.

Best Residential Interior Designers in Dhaka

Having a successful business is our primary objective. Just as you don’t want to be satisfied with just a few things, neither do we. Your satisfaction motivates us to strive for even greater achievements. Thus, every hard work, no matter how small, big, or simple, is equally important to us.

We are committed to achieving and exceeding your expectations. Therefore, Geographic Interior Design has established itself as a leading home interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As of today, we work in several Upazilas, including in major districts outside Dhaka and within Dhaka.

The main tool we use is maximizing our expertise and technical capabilities. From the initial concept to the completion of the project, our team of experienced Architects, Interior Designers, and Technicians bring professional expertise to the table. In Dhaka and beyond Dhaka, as well as in remote areas, we provide the highest technology and sustainably managed facilities at a reasonable cost.

Areas of Residence Interior Design

Before you think about home interior design, the following areas should be considered in mind:

  • Door Decoration
  • Welcome Area
  • Ceiling Design
  • Wall Cladding
  • Sitting Zone
  • TV Unit
  • Dining Spaces
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Wall Cabinet
  • Dressing Unit
  • Bedrooms
  • Study Unit
  • Color Screech
  • Wall Arts
  • Floor mat
  • Nature Decoration
  • Electrical
  • Curtain Design
  • Lighting
  • Flooring

Master Bedroom

Houses must have a master bedroom, which is regarded as one of the most important parts. During a fatigued day or for relaxation, it is especially helpful for recharging. The master bedrooms are designed with balconies and adjoining modern residential interior design, Our aim is to make it beautiful and supremely comfortable by carefully evaluating every part keeping in mind your comfort and relaxation.

Master Bedroom

Older Parent Bedroom

Living with aging parents (or in-laws) can be an excellent solution to taking care of them. Unfortunately, many of us lack this luck due to various obstacles. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to arrange the house selected for your elderly parents or in-laws, considering both the pros and cons of the house. A professional interior designer can help you to design your old parent Bedroom.

Child Bed Room

Our expert team is always ready to prepare the chosen room for your beloved child with maximum convenience and thoughtfulness. We have collected the best ways to decorate the house keeping in mind all the needs and emotional development of children and teenagers. We have decorated each of our designs with modern and best designs for girls, boys, teenagers, and even twin and combined rooms.

Both normal human minds as well as those of children and adolescents benefit from symmetrical balance. To make your child’s bedroom fun and lively, our skilled manpower is specifically working on balancing.

Kitchen Cabinet

In the same way that food is essential to survival, a clean kitchen is essential for food preparation. Nowadays, when men and women are participating in the economic sphere together, the simpler the kitchen, the easier and more beautiful the process of living for all. In order to decorate a kitchen, you need to know the best materials for kitchen cabinets such as solid wood, plywood, laminates, wood veneers, PVC, stainless steel or aluminum, High-density Fiberboard (HDF), Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF), thermofoil, etc.

But many may not know how to make a kitchen simple and functional. That’s why we have experts in the kitchen. All you need is your selection to make your kitchen ready to decorate.

Kitchen Cabinet

Living/ Drawing Room Interior Designs

A home’s drawing room expresses the personality of the homeowner as well as the beauty of your home. The Living room is as important a part as any other important room in your home. A place designated for important discussions of various important family members, seating for guests, conversation and a specially designated place for relaxation at the end of the day.

The heart of your home is your living room where important decisions are taken with guests including entertaining guests. Important parts in decorating a drawing room include a sofa, cushions, Coffee tables, television stand, Laying out the drawing room, furniture, soft furnishings, color palette, and lighting. Our goal is for you to create a residential interior design that is symmetrical and balanced.

Dining Space

A dining  Room is more than just a place to eat; it adds a special beauty to the house beyond just eating food. Just as important as a place to serve food easily and beautifully on busy days is the location and decor of the place.

From small apartments to luxury homes, our highly skilled team will turn your dining room into a tasteful and sophisticated space, depending on the space, individual wishes, affordability, and home design.

In decorating the dining room, an expert pays special attention to the space as well as the materials used. In that case, a beautiful and tidy dining room can emerge in the hands of a skilled person.


A person’s personality and taste can be identified from the decoration of a person’s bathroom. Just as the toilet is important to be sparkling beautiful and clean, it also carries all the benefits and importance of using it. Proper decoration is very important to make all the things used in a small space easily accessible at the right time.

A bathroom that is cluttered but not tidy will indicate boredom as well as your failed decoration. So it is important to include the toilet like other parts in the residential interior design. Our expert team is well experienced and reputed in this regard.

toilet interior design

Recommended materials for Residential Interior Design in Bangladesh

For each task, certain particular procedures and special attention should be made to special material. An expert in modern residential interior design for homes must pay close attention to a number of factors. Like
• Measurement of Space
• Cost
• Time
• Schedules and 3D design
• High-Quality Supplies

Our residential interior designers will keep an eye on you throughout

• Sample models
• Furniture and ornamental item assortments
• The use of decorative materials
• Putting together construction documents
• Accounting

Preparation and Planning for the Project

1/ Working with our prestigious clients

First, we are a top home interior design in Dhaka, extend an invitation to our client to visit our office; if that is not possible, we suggest they visit our website. Next, we go to the client’s recommended workspace and extend an analog or digital welcome. After striking a deal, we continue with the next steps.

2/ Discussion and assessment

Identify organizational structures, cross-functional interactions, and the goals and demands of the clients. During their visit to the potential location, our expertise team measures the space and takes pictures and videos. Moreover, talk about the project’s prerequisites before the design phase begins. To physically fix the issue, we consult with the client.

3/ Arrangements and 3D design

The first time we submit a scheduled Layout design. The final plan will be improved with material recommendations that fit the surroundings and lighting options that complement the design.

After that, we send them 3D renderings and designs that demonstrate the new spaces’ appearance and feel.

3d design

4/ Phase of Planning

We prepare Derails Working Drawings – Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Plumbing as well as Need Basis if the project is complete.

5/ Construction and Project Execution

We collect the best materials and supplies for the job. Then we set up a Supervisor and Workforce Teams and always kept informed our Client.

6/ Handover

Next comes the exciting handover time for our Client. The project is ready, and the Client takes handover with satisfaction within the specified time.

7/ After-Sale Support

We try to keep our clients pleased all the time and offer short-term, cost-based service as well as free service for a predetermined period of time.

Why choose Geometric Architect & Interiors

Well Experienced

Our residential interior design company, Geometric Architect & Interiors consists of an energetic group of experienced and skilled professionals inspired by the new generation. Quality services with hand-crafted and durable materials by skilled designers and skilled workers is the main reason for choosing us.

Creative & innovative minded people

We have many creative and innovative people who provide a unique and effective plan for all of our projects.

Quality Materials sourcing

No compromise on quality. Our expert procurement team purchases the best possible materials from the market.

Value for Money

We provide all types of services – design phase to project handover phase. You don’t need to run here and there to construct your project

Why choose Geometric Architect Interiors

On-Time project handover

We are committed to the timely handover of the project.

One-stop service

We discuss with clients in advance any changes and modifications. We’re devoted to offering value for money.

Guarantee and Warranty

We guarantee what we build. That’s why we are confident.

It is usually advisable to get professional guidance before making a residential interior design purchase. A robust, competent team including civil specialists, qualified carpenters, electrical & glass technicians, painters, and fabrication experts manages our practical projects work. Our engineers and managers have a wealth of engineering knowledge. We are dedicated to providing the Client with the best value and stylish, contemporary interior design.

Schedule a session with one of our talented designers so they can offer you customized designs that fit your needs and preferences. Creating usable space using the right materials and skillful craftsmanship with an eye toward timely completion and high quality. We look forward to providing our residential interior design services to establish a lasting and dependable connection with you. Call us right away, and together, let’s create the ideal house. 

Our Residential interior solutions cover every need you can think of

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Living Room Interior Design

bedroom interior design

Bedroom Interior Design

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kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Design

home workstation design in dhaka

Home Workstation/Home Office 

bathroom interior design in Dhaka

Bathroom Interior Design

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Residence Entrance Design

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