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Visitors will see the exterior of your home or office before anything else. Using our Quality Exterior Designer in Dhaka, we ensure that your building’s exterior reflects your personality and puts visitors at ease.

Designing an exterior of your home or business is about enhancing the appearance of your home exterior, making it welcoming, eye-catching, safe and eco-friendly.

We Offer

Residential Exterior Design

Residential Exterior Design

Commercial Exterior Design

Commercial Exterior Design

Resort Exterior Design

Resort Exterior Design

Why Good Exterior Design is Important?

Your home’s exterior design can do far more than just look nice. Hiring an exterior designer can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Enhanced property value

Investing time and effort into a well-designed exterior design will increase the value of your home. You are showing that you care about your property by doing this. The value of your property may not rise immediately, but you will see a return over time.

Cost-effective maintenance

With a well-designed exterior, you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance. Choosing the right exterior design is not only about looks, but also about other factors. You can make your profit by choosing durable materials, using landscaping to keep the elements at bay, and installing gutters and downspouts to prevent water from flooding the foundation.

Efficient use of energy

A good exterior design can improve your home’s energy efficiency. It will keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. You can do this by properly sealing your home and using insulating materials. Solar panels can save your electricity bill and also can help reduce your carbon footprint.

A more appealing appearance

Plant trees and bushes in front of your house to increase curb appeal. When it comes time to begin installation work or repair work, you can save yourself some stress later on.

Increased Privacy

Contact a us if you want to increase privacy in your home with soundproofing equipment in order to create the best plan. A well-designed exterior can protect your privacy while allowing you to enjoy the outside of your home.

Improved Security

We all want our homes, workplaces, and other areas to be secure and private. In addition to choosing the right options for your home, good exterior designs can increase security.

Security can be enhanced by putting up tall fences, motion-activated lights, and alarm systems, strategically placing shrubs and trees, and using sturdy locks on all doors and windows.

Why Consult With an exterior Design Company is important?

There is nothing more important than learning all about exterior and interior design in order to achieve your dream home or office. Besides designing a home or office, one needs to consider the outlook, essentials, and efficiency as well. There is a reason why you should consult an exterior and interior design company.

Skill team member

A complete exterior and interior company has a great team of architects, civil engineers, landscapers, decorators, and contractors who are all experts in design.

Unite work

A project’s organization is a major challenge. It is easy for a professional team to handle any project regardless of its complexity. All structural work is completed by our civil engineer while decorating is handled by the architect and contractor.

Service at an inexpensive price

The exterior design of your home does not need to be changed frequently if you hire an exterior designer. Our designers are experienced in providing the best quality exterior design for your home. When you hire us, our team members do all of your exterior work professionally to save you time and money.

Make home trendy

Keeping up with current trends and design is always part of the job of an interior designer.

An experienced interior designer is also an expert at combining ancient culture and design ideas with a modern taste. We cannot all be experts in all fields, and we must spend time working on our earnings.

It is hard to manage time for thinking about another side for which they don’t have a better idea. Give this responsibility to a team that acknowledges it enough.

Creating an exterior and interior design for a large building is difficult without the help of an exterior designer. You may contact Geometric Architect & Interiors if you would like to decorate your home, office, or other exterior or interior design with the latest trends.

trendy exterior design

We have listed some simple exterior design ideas for Bangladeshi houses, offices, and other structures.

Our Exterior Designing Services

Many places of interest, such as homes, offices, parks, and museums, require exterior design. Each place has a different design plan. To make sure the work is perfect, we divide them into categories.

As a small country, Bangladesh faces population pressure. In light of the limited resources and limited space of these country houses, the interior and exterior designs are of critical importance. A designer in this country should take into account the owner’s economic capacity when designing a home, office, and workplace, as well as space constraints. A major consideration should be given to Bangladesh’s weather and natural disasters during every part of the design process.


Residential Exterior Designing

How does the house look beautiful? When designing a home for a lifetime of joy, sentiment, vision, and comfort are key factors. We are the artists who add a touch of beauty to a home’s structure.

At the same time, amazing exterior and interior design can bring peace to your home and make it more attractive.
To complete your dream project at an affordable price, you can rely on our team of experienced civil engineers and exterior-interior designers.

We work with

residence exterior design
Duplex House Exterior Design

Duplex House Exterior Design

We design various looks such as Royal, Pretty, Elegant, and a lot more depending on your vision. You may distinguish yourself from the competition with our stunning designs.

Triplex Exterior House Design

As a true representation of the standard, our exterior designs will speak for you. We provide your home with a gorgeous appearance with our elegant royalty. When you spend a lot of money on comfort, we are not here to make compromises. Let’s modernize your living area.

Exterior Design of a Villa

Living in the opulence of a villa is a declaration of your status in and of itself. Here, we enhance your external beauty to surround you with comfort and modernity.

Apartment Exterior Design

To give your apartment the appearance you want, get professional advice and browse our catalog for a huge selection of eye-catching themes. Hire us and take advantage of our wonderful exterior design ideas.

Commercial Exterior Design Service

Exterior home design is more difficult than commercial sites. Therefore, you need to look for a design team to fix it because it’s a long-term project that also involves many individuals and business earnings. Therefore, a tiny error in the thinking of the majority of people could have a butterfly impact. Additionally, our team contributes to commercial websites like:

Commercial Exterior Design Service

Buying House Exterior Design

Selecting house exterior designs is a little more challenging than other tasks, but we manage it by applying strategic approaches to any challenges. Our skilled designers apply art to create a distinctive buying house design.

Corporate Office Exterior Design

An office should have a professional appearance. Our skilled designers use high-quality materials to produce eye-catching exterior designs that complement your brand’s name and color. Send us a message to promote your company.

Design of Retail Stores

Enough people can be drawn in by a retail establishment’s attractiveness to provide a good first impression. We create a warm ambiance for your doorway that draws customers in with the help of smart design principles like lighting and decorating.

The Exterior of a Commercial Shopping Complex

All around the world, there aren’t enough places for people to have fun. Allow them to visit your shopping center, and sales will increase on their own. For that, a location alone is insufficient;

Let’s provide them with one that is appealing. An iconic shopping complex requires an iconic exterior design to seek the attention of customers. This is where we come in with our top-grade material and skilled aristocracy. We create and design spectacular architecture to meet the demands of the modern fashion world.

Designing Exteriors for Hospitals

What elements are part of the exterior design? What role do exterior designs play in the hospitality sector? What role do exterior and interior design play in the hospitality sector? Let’s simply explain.

Designing Exteriors for Hospitals

Exterior design describes the physical architecture and structural features of a building’s exterior-facing parts, including paint color, the shape and material of the roof, decks, patios, gardens, and more.

Exterior designs offer chances for hospitality brands to include aesthetic appeal and improve the guest experience. To succeed, it can strengthen your brand identity. Businesses may stand out with a compelling story and visual identity by using creative and stunning exteriors.

Why Your Choose Geometric Architect & Interiors ?

We use our knowledge to give you the finest service possible while saving you time and money. Every stage of the exterior design process is handled by us, including:

  • Personalized Interiors for Homes and Businesses
  • Coordinate fine art and decorative accessories skilled team
  • Space planning, color selections
  • Furniture procurement and fabric options
  • Custom bedding and window treatments
  • Selection and procurement of floor and wall coverings

We” Geometric Architect & Interiors” have skilled civil engineers, architects, and contractors with all the materials required for construction work and duplex house plans in Bangladesh that were necessary to complete the project successfully.

Always Available

Our skilled engineers keep up to date and fashionable with changing construction techniques, increasing the value and attractiveness of your project.


Money and time are valuable, as we all know. Your project is submitted on time by our professional team.

Great job at a lower cost

Quality services are required to produce high-quality work. Untrained individuals will cost you more money whereas a trained team will provide the greatest service while saving you time and money. We are constantly prepared to realize your ideal project within your price range.

We have a skilled staff for both exterior and interior design who can give you a great result while saving you time and money. So please don’t worry and get in touch with us.

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