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It is well understood that hospitals and health care centers are better able to provide quality care through better Hospital Interior Design in Dhaka, and an inviting hospital interior design can create a relaxing environment for patients to heal quickly.

When people can access government hospitals and receive treatments for a lower price, why do people prefer private hospitals? Because people will not like to compromise their health if they can get their treatment fast and easily. This leads them to choose private hospitals over government hospitals.

The environment in hospitals is the reason for this. If you hire an experienced interior designer for your hospital/ health care center, you will not just create a beautiful space, but also make it functional and comfortable for your patients.

What you need in your hospital

Your hospital needs to arrange some very crucial things to ensure that your precious peasant gets a smooth and effective treatment.

Make treatment rooms more stylish and private

A Hospital Interior Design in Dhaka, particularly treatment areas like OT or chemotherapy, needs to be calmer and noiseless, so we generally see a board asking patients not to be noisy. But that doesn’t mean the rooms have to be dull.

In order for the room’s design to feel cohesive, we use geometric prints in blue tones. In addition to adding a unique style to the treatment room, echo panel geometry tiles have soundproofing capabilities, which allow for greater privacy in this private location. In this way, both the doctor and the patient will feel relaxed.

Design your lobbies and waiting rooms

There is a lot of creative potential in lobby areas and waiting areas. The enormous arrangement of the rooms often made people frustrated when trying to find their desired room. Baffle ceilings solve this problem by highlighting areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, cash counters, or hospital reception areas.

Generally, baffle ceilings hang from the ceiling and are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. With a baffle ceiling, you can control noise easily and save money for more important things. Color scheme

We furnish hospital interior design with eco-friendly material to ensure comfort for your patients. According to psychologists, the environment plays an important role in human health.


It is very important to decorate the lighting in a hospital with more technical excellence and caution, because the wrong placement of a light can be dangerous for patients. The use of neutral light with no shadow is especially important in treatment areas like the operating theater. It is possible to affect a patient’s brain when using deep color light, low power light or decorations lights. To ensure a successful hospital lighting design, take the designer’s advice.

Hospital Lighting Design

Exit in an emergency

Most commercial places in Bangladesh now suffer from fire accidents. There may also be other emergency situations that may arise at any time. Therefore, consult the interior designer about the location of an emergency exit. Ensure that each and every floor has a fire extinguisher.

Why Our Hospital Interior Designers are Special

A supportive and functional design

Our modern, highly functional design ensures a comfortable environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. Patients and staff are considered in our hospital interior design process. We make the whole interior supportive of better healthcare.

Providing a Warm Welcome

Our focus is on creating a welcoming atmosphere in hospitals by carefully combining color and design elements to meet the expectations of people who come to the hospitals. As a result of our designs, everyone in the hospital arena can feel at ease and follow the right path.

Why Our Hospital Interior Designers are Special

Using Space Wisely

Depending on the type of activity, we always prepare design layouts for different working units. Through the careful spatial arrangement, we maximize the ease of use in the reception area and emergency room.

Nature’s Touch

A hospital can be a stressful place, and nature can help to create a sense of calm and ease for both patients and staff. This creates a calming effect. Our atmosphere is uplifted through the use of daylight and green elements. Designing with natural effects is our goal.

A Brand’s Identity

The hospital layout reflects your brand values, delivering a positive patient and visitor experience in accordance with your branding message. This part is always handled with great care and sensitivity. Ensuring a patient-centric environment
Our professional designers will design your medical clinic’s interior for your patient’s convenience.

Various Treatment Options

Our skilled Hospital Interior Designer in Dhaka will ensure your clinic’s versatile facilities are well cared for.

Unique Experience

As always, Mistry Tech Ltd will put its best efforts into giving your medical center an interior that has a unique look and a stylish atmosphere.

A sterile environment

Keeping a sterilized environment is one of our main concerns when designing your medical clinic, so our designers will take great care.
Building a hospital interior, remember the following things

Efficient Work Process

Lists are good for complex ideas. We have to deal with a sophisticated institution like the modern hospital, but how do we do it?

Various Treatment Options

Ready To Design Your Dream Hospital?

Building a Hospital Interior, Remember the Following

Hospital interior design differs from other types of interior design due to its multi-functionality, but with our talented team, it is designed smoothly. Currently, hospitals must address a variety of functions for a wide range of users, including patients, families, staff, and management.

It’s not enough to focus on patient-centered design for healthcare institutions, even if that’s the primary focus. Each detail is taken care of, and we are concerned about safety, accessibility, aesthetics, and well-being.
It is our belief that there are some design elements within a hospital that can have a positive impact on multiple populations. Let’s begin with:

A Warm Welcome

It helps create a sense of comfort by offering an open and transparent lobby, natural materials, and valet parking. The aesthetics of a workplace can benefit not only patients but also workers.

A Warm Welcome

Waiting areas visiting a doctor can be stressful, so make the waiting room as relaxing and enjoyable as possible: provide expansive views, windows for sunlight, art, and beautiful, comfortable furniture. A check-in desk and waiting areas are ready for patients to use intuitively.

A Healthy Building Equals a Healthy Population

Hospitals are mission-critical facilities, so it is perfect if they are standalone, net-zero facilities in the event of extreme weather events such as wildfires, tornadoes, or earthquakes. Hospitals are places of healing, and the building itself should be part of that healing.
With our designs, we promise to use materials that are not on the Red List and to provide clean and filtered air. Additionally, we consider Bangladesh’s unusual environment, such as natural disasters, electricity problems, and fires.

Resilient Structure

During Hospital Interior Design in Dhaka, it is important to separate compartments for different diseases. Some patients can recover with little treatment, while others need a quiet, calm environment. Some diseases must be kept separate from everyone else because they are very contagious. In order to achieve success, it becomes crucial to create a department that is inclusive of everyone. The soundproofing and sanitation of hospitals are of utmost importance.


Personalization and Choice

A comfortable experience often begins with personalization. It can also result in better outcomes for patients and their families. Offering patients a choice gives them a sense of control over their care and visit.

Respectful Discharge

Last but not least, consider helping patients who are leaving the hospital, but still need assistance, to leave with dignity.

Patients using crutches or wheelchairs for the first time or recovering from a day’s procedure should have a comfortable and private discharge route that doesn’t go through the main hospital doors.

As a result, both departing patients and new patients will feel more at ease.

You can use this list to start your own healthcare project. Patients and their families will benefit from these elements in terms of a comfortable visit, faster healing, and better outcomes.

Personalization and Choice

Ready To Design Your Dream Hospital?

Work Way

The process of work is important as well, not just the quality of the work. Here, members of our Hospital Interior Designer team express their desire to complete their work perfectly. We help you develop the hospital of your dreams, complete with all the necessary. Let’s see how our efforts will benefit you greatly.

Preliminary Evaluation of the Project

Our interior designers will create an initial project estimate after gathering the essential data. We will review the floor plan to make sure we have a clear understanding of the needed design.

Make an Interior Design Plan

After the assessment, we will give you a design plan that is tailored to your individual requirements. We collaborate closely with you and take into account all of your ideas.

Make an Interior Design Plan<br />

Finishing the Project

Once the project has received the go-ahead, we will begin the execution and implementation phase. We always finish the project by the deadline given.

Buying High-Quality Materials

No sacrificing of quality. The best materials are chosen from the market by our knowledgeable procurement team.


Timely Project Completion

We are dedicated to completing the project on time.

A One-stop Shop

Any alterations are discussed beforehand with clients. We are committed to providing good value.

Warranty and Assurance

We back up anything we construct. We are assured because of this.
Please get in touch with us if you require the most trimming hospital interior designer in Dhaka. To achieve your goals, we are by your side. Thank you.


Worth the Money

From the project handover phase through the design phase, we offer all kinds of services. To build your project, you don’t need to run from place to place.

A One-stop hospital Solutions

Different Parts of Hospital That Geometric Architect & Interiors Design


Doctors Chamber


Surgery Unit


Modern Laboratories


Patient Bed & Unit


Rehabilitation Centers


Dental Unit Etc.

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